Research is a major driver for Ekinoks, with strong R&D investments. Ekinoks strongly motivates every employee for masters and doctor of philosophy studies to continuously build a strengthened R&D infrastructure. In today's rapidly evolving world of technology and market, the R&D Team of Ekinoks works with the principle of providing the most efficient and effective solutions.

Our R&D Team follows the development of new technologies in its own structure, prepares assessments for usability of maturing technologies in the projects, and in the case of maturing technologies, the R&D Team prepares samples to lead the Project Teams.

The team also provides technical orientation of Ekinoks staff. The experts of Ekinoks team are trained for 3 weeks on software technologies and tools used by the company.

When it comes to new technologies to be used in new projects, the Project Teams are informed by the R&D Team on the required technologies and their relevant instruments.

The R&D Team is also responsible of organizing and managing internships of young colleagues from related departments of universities in Ekinoks . Interns are also trained in parallel courses for new advancements on software technologies and tools.

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The R&D Team works by reviewing all requests from internal departments and customers and, in line with the demands and the needs, they define the strategy of the activities. The team performs the following basic activities accordingly:

  • Technological research demanded by the Project Teams for resolving infrastructural problems
  • Research on solutions and components requested by the Sales & Support Team for potential projects
  • Research on customer criteria for product evaluation and comparison during selection and decision processes
  • Component development based on the criteria obtained as a result of researches carried out


The best leaders understand that the current success of their business, and any future innovation, depends upon the "deep smarts" of their employees. And Ekinoks believes that disclosure of more, valuable R&D work in quality scholarly publications and collaborations with academic partners positively affect a company's innovation.

Our R&D Team carries out in-house research while collaborating with researchers from academic arena, In the projects, and in the case of maturing technologies, the R&D Team prepares samples to lead project team. We believe this emphasis on doing our own research and disclosure of the results, rather than relying on the research of others, is a key ingredient in our success, and it is a conviction we share as well.

The benefits of doing in-house research include a greater understanding of the business and the financials in which we invest, a better understanding of the management team and business strategy, and in general a more personal understanding of the factors which contribute to the crucial decisions.

There are many excellent research firms that provide external research, or experts whose opinions are valuable to consult. Though, we believe that the primary research should always be personal, and the expert opinions of others can be consulted as supplementary to that.

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