For Complex Real-World Challenges

A wide spectrum of organisations worldwide rely on Geographic Information System products daily including local, state and national mapping agencies, transportation departments, defence organisations, engineering and utility companies, and businesses serving agriculture and natural resource needs.

Our GIS Technologies Division is focused on developing technologies that display and interpret information in a personalised, meaningful way, enabling our customers to transform location-based content into dynamic and usable business information that creatively conveys the answers they need.

The GIS Technologies Division designs and develops high performance geographic information system software for web and mobile platforms as well as desktop platforms to helps our customers make sense of a dynamically changing world, providing the technologies to envision, experience and communicate geographic information through solutions that solve complex, real-world challenges.

Ultimately, all this is realised through creative, robust, verified, platform-independent and provider-independent software products.

Web Performance

GIS Independence

Database Independence

Data Format Independence

High Performance

Accuracy, timeliness and efficiency obtained via high performance on any operating system platform.

Mobile Editing

Easy, fast and consistent editing of spatial information at the field on mobile devices.


Spatial data and information assisting decisions making processes for a wide spectrum of application areas.

Big Data Analytics

Geospatial and relational analytics based on disparately large data sets for comprehensive business intelligence.

Geospatial Insights for Fast and Right Decisions

Leaders, decision makers, operation experts and military intelligence professionals rely on spatial data and analytics to anticipate, discover, evaluate and respond in real-time. On the other hand, top organizations are leveraging the immense power of data-driven geospatial analytics combined with machine learning and computer vision for better decision-making and stronger performance. Our GIS products help you:

  • Get deeper insights integrated with geospatial intelligence
  • Make better mission-centric decisions
  • Empower organization-wide BI
  • Instantly analyze massive collections of data
  • Enhance service capabilities ranging from planning to asset management
  • Make fast tactical decisions in the field