Technical Assistance for Capacity Building in the Horizontal Sector for the Implementation of the INSPIRE Directive (EuropeAid/135310/IH/SER/TR)

Project Owner: Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU)

The project aims to strengthen the institutional, technical and legislative framework for effective implementation of the EU INSPIRE directive and establishment of strong administrative and technical capacity of the target groups (Administrative and Technical Staff of the Ministry and its Provincial Directorates, Local Governments and all Relevant Ministries and Public Enterprises) at all levels. In order to raise awareness of the target groups, Ekinoks Project Teams actively participated in a wide spectrum of activities including technical trainings, conferences, study visits and workshops, and performed business process analysis and modelling. Cloud-based GIS software systems are developed by Ekinoks within the context of the Project. These systems include:

  • INSPIRE Data Management Application
  • Address Assessment
  • 2D & 3D Urban Information
  • Building Inventory
  • Topographic Base Map
  • Process Modeling & Management
  • Expropriation
  • Infrastructure
  • Application of Article 18
  • Cemetery

Decision Support System and Business Process Automation of Maritime and Coastal Management

Project Owner: Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU)

The software system provides a wide range of GIS-based management and decision support mechanisms such as inventories of fish farms, blue flag seacoasts, deep sea and premises discharging to sea, and identification of pollution factors. JEE technologies have been employed, and ESRI data sources exiting at the Ministry as well as Google Maps and Bing Maps presentation platforms have been used. Application of Multi Criteria Selection Analysis in decision support systems provides a 50m x 50m sensitivity. The system consists of the following five main modules:

  • Inventory of Fish Farms
  • Deep Sea & Sea Discharge Management
  • Emergency Action Plan in the Seas
  • Inventory of Blue Flags
  • Inventory of Swimming Water

Technical Assistance for a Strengthened Market Surveillance System for the ICT Sector (EuropeAid/133042/D/SER/TR)

Project Owner: Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA)

The project aims to to establish a modern and efficient product safety system in the ICT sector of Türkiye through strengthening the existing market surveillance structures, determining appropriate administrative organization and introducing standardized information system, and to reinforce market surveillance and strengthen the capacity for product safety in the ICT sector of Türkiye and facilitate free movement of goods. Ekinoks Project Teams actively participated in technical trainings, software prototyping, design and testing of the systems developed within the context of the Project. These systems include:

  • Inspection Planning
  • Visual Inspections
  • Inspection Follow-ups
  • Technical File Evaluation
  • Laboratory Processes
  • Equipment Tests and Evaluations
  • Domestic Manufacturer Notifications
  • Domestic Equipment Notifications
  • System Management
  • Advanced Reporting

Identification of Agricultural Basins

Project Owner: Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MoARA)

Developed by Microsoft .NET technologies and based on ESRI platform, the system provides a web-based agricultural decision support environment. Determination of production areas over agroecological zones and product echological requirements over geographical constraints, formation of product patterns through dynamic constraints and drought scenarios, prediction of product demands over years and calculation of producer-consumer welfare via GAMS modeling are only a few of the system functionalities serviced by the following three main modules:

  • Identification of Agricultural Zones
  • Prediction of Demand for Agricultural Products
  • Production Planner for Optimal Distribution of Subventions