Accuracy, timeliness & efficiency

Accuracy, timeliness and efficiency are the keystones of decision making in today’s intelligence operation centers and battlefields. Our Defense Industry Division is recognized for its “determined pursuit of a vision” that leads to fundamental changes in defense software industry via high-performance computing and multidisciplinary software solutions accelerating the data-to-decision process by rapidly transforming data into actionable intelligence.

Focused on Command Control and Information Systems (C2IS), our solutions help military intelligence and operation professionals harness the right information on time, help them make a deeper appreciation of the situation, and enable them to make better and faster responses.


Intelligence solutions facilitating information sharing and readiness with near real-time visual results.

High Performance

Accuracy, timeliness and efficiency obtained via high performance desktop, web and mobile applications.


Spatial data and information assisting decisions making processes during military operations.

Smart Analytics

Distributed, augmented and autonomous military intelligence analytics for smarter decisions.


Our solutions enable the defense and intelligence succession – from the command center to the tip of the spear – with the most advanced software technology available today to effectively process, manage and exploit data at the utmost accuracy, scale and speed.

  • Tactical Intelligence Management System Solutions
  • Electronic Attack Software Solutions
  • C2IS Software Solutions
  • Radar Technology Software Solutions
  • Effective Geospatial Data Management Solutions
  • Spatio-Temporal Analysis on a Wide Spectrum of Data Sources
  • On the Fly Symbology Generation
  • Complete Quality Control and Traceability
  • V&V and Software Testing at Various Levels of Criticality