EKINOKS, established in 2007, provides comprehensive Information Technology solutions to a wide variety of clients, ranging from public administrations to private sectors and defense industry. We are specialized in the analysis, design, development, testing, delivery, maintenance and technical support of large-scale ICT applications using international standards and state-of-the-art technologies. We specifically focus on:

  • Cloud Technologies
  • Web-Based High Performance GIS Infrastructures and Applications
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Turn-Key Enterprise Solutions
  • Defense Industry Solutions
  • Mobile Business Applications


Our primary task is to deliver sustainable and state-of-art information technology solutions to our clients.

  • R&D We provide all of our clients with the advanced technologies and expertise through our Research and Development processes.
  • Dialog Our key value is establishing a solid and open communucation with our clients, employees and business partners.
  • Expertise We provide high quality expertise to public and private institutions to help them improve efficiency of their processes and systems, and increase their scalability.
  • Feasibility We aim at developing feasible solutions that are technically practicle, economical and sustainable.
  • Innovativeness Innovation is not so much a question of making inventions. It is about putting new development into practical use and creatively incorporating existing technologies into new applications.
  • Commitment Our decentralized and flat organizations make us fast moving and commited.
  • Collaboration Whether articulated or implied, we maintain a close presence and relationships with our clients, a prerequisite to listening, understanding and interpreting their needs.


  • Founded: 2007
  • Ownership: Private
  • Employees: 90+
  • Employee Turnover: < 3.6%
  • Gender Dist.: Male 60% - Female 40%
  • Headquarter: Ankara, Turkey
  • Branch Office: Istanbul, Turkey