To ensure that we meet our responsibilities and obligations to our customers, our people, our partners, our suppliers and to our shareholders we are committed to the following quality objectives:

  • Deliver on-time & on-quality products, systems and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Identify and understand our customer’s expectations, measure customer perceptions, and implement improvements to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Enable and engage our people at all levels in a relentless drive to improve operational performance along the value chain from suppliers to customers.
  • Increase the motivation and skills of our people to add value to our customers and our businesses, through continual training and development.
  • Leverage strengths of our partners & suppliers to improve our products and our businesses from product design through production, installation and operation.
  • Embed social responsibility & company ethics policies in our business practices.
  • Continually improve environmental, health and safety performance through all products, operations, systems and services.


The aim of our Information Security Management System is to ensure business continuity, to prevent and minimize the effects of security breaches that occur in security, to minimize work losses.

Purposes of the Information Security Policy approved by senior management:

  • Protect the information assets of the organization against all kinds of threats that may occur intentionally or unintentionally, from inside or outside,
  • Protect the confidentiality and integrity of information against unauthorized access,
  • Ensure accessibility of information as required by business processes,
  • Meet the legal requirements,
  • Prepare, maintain and test business continuity plans,
  • Raise awareness by providing information security training to all personnel,
  • Report to the Information Security Manager and ensure that all vulnerabilities in information security that actually exist or raise suspicion are investigated by the Information Security Manager,
  • Meet the business requirements for information accessibility and information systems.


  • Virus control, passwords and business continuity processes support the Information Security Policy.
  • The Information Security Manager is directly responsible for maintaining the policy and providing advice and guidance on the implementation of the policy.
  • All department managers are directly responsible for the realization of the policy and commitment to their staff in the departments that fall within their business.
  • Strict adherence to the policy is the responsibility of every staff member.